Okay, folks, now’s your chance!

If you have always wanted to explore things-spiritual but were too busy, how about now?

Want to talk?

  • about meaning?
  • about suffering?
  • about the range of spiritual paths and lineages?
  • about spiritual but not religious?
  • about religious but not spiritual?
  • about forgiveness?

What I offer people is a safe place to talk about God—whatever that is for them—safe from evangelizing or proselytizing or pre-packaged answers.

Often under the heading “God” are unresolved experiences with religion both positive and negative. I have no answers but in the course of conversation people can sometimes come upon insights and arrive at a level of peace.

This is also a safe place to talk about sickness, dying and death—subjects close to my heart.

For those who want to go deeper into the various Christian lineages—I can do that. For those who want to hone in on one of these lineages—the work of St. Ignatius of Loyola—I can do that.

I am loving this new way to be of service.