Okay, here’s my conundrum.

So far this year 6 people have brought up the matter of pre-arranging their funerals. I described the process and gave my two main incentives for doing this ASAP. For one, the price of these arrangements is going up each year so essentially, cremations and burials are ON SALE. Who doesn’t love a sale? For another, remembering my most recent experience with my sister, this is a huge task and potential cost burden to put on those coming after you. My sales pitch fell on 6 pairs of deaf ears.

At the same time that a family is dealing with good-bye, there can real sticker shock when people discover the average cost. For more information about costs, here is one chart. How Much Does a Funeral Cost? | Bankrate In California, for example, a basic funeral averages at $7290; cremation averages at $4808. In Wisconsin, you’d be looking at an average of $7855 for a funeral and $5305 for cremation. Even at the low-end for cremation, we’re looking at around $2500-3000.

How many people have that kind of cash on hand? Or an available credit card balance? What happens if the family and/or friends can’t cover the cost? Well, the body might just have to stay in a morgue until “arrangements” can be made. Funeral service providers are for-profit businesses, not charities.

I realize that this is a very sensitive subject, scary to the max. It’s one reason we are so attached to our fantasy that death gives us six months notice.

How can I make it less traumatic? I am available to do whatever I can FOR FREE to walk folks through this life challenge. For example, I will show you my cremation paperwork. We can do it over Zoom. If you are in the Milwaukee area, I will go with you to a service provider and take you out to lunch afterwards. BTW, some providers do home visits.

Given all that, I would appreciate it if you, the reader, would email me your reason for not doing your arrangements. Conversely, what would enable you to do these arrangements, say, before year-end? CLICK HERE>> to send your response directly to me.

You will be providing me a real service. I need help with this if I am to be more effective in this part of my mission.

In return, everyone who sends me an answer will receive his/her own copy of Transparent to Transcendence, a Spiritual Autobiography Workbook.

Later in the year I’ll write about the responses. Thanks in advance to everyone who replies.